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Hit Hard With Heavy Metal Drum Tips

Hit Hard With Heavy Metal Drum Tips 

Would you want to go ballistic together with your drum ensemble? Can your limbs handle the "The Number of The Beast"? Well, if you're ready, then take a look at these hard-hitting heavy metal tips.

The first thing you should do is choose a heavy-duty 2B or 5B drumsticks. They are the most durable and sturdy sticks in the market today. Next, invest in a good pedal. Whether it's a double or single pedal, heavy drum fills and rolls will certainly test its quality. Look for a double-ply snare drum for added muscle on your tone. Padding your bass drum adds depth and warmth.

When playing metal songs, you need to practice how to apply effective syncopation. This is something which makes metal different from rock. Off-beats create more texture to your band's song. To create a fatter sound in your explanation  style, hit two drums at the same time. If this is not enough, include fills by using your double kicks. The resulting sound is more percussive and more powerful. Usually, drummers do this as an accent with the bass and rhythm guitar. To have a fuller sound, let your hi-hat slightly open.

Footwork is crucial in heavy metal especially if you're working with double pedals. To gain speed and momentum, do not let your heels touch the plate. It's better to let them "hang drum" https://percussiondream.com/ while your toes and ankles do the work. Yes, this music is about power and speed, but if you look closely on the drummers, you'll notice they're relaxed as well as in control. A rigid posture will only strain your arms, shoulders, and wrist. Lastly, you need to pace yourself. Blasting your way through the song in the opening minutes will leave you spent and stressed. Learn just how to pace yourself just like a marathon runner.